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Standing up
Our progress
1. Founding signatory of the UN Global Compact, which sets
ethical and environmental standards for the corporate sector.
2. Completed a thorough review of our environmental
impact, and put in place targets for annual progress.
3. Advised 16,000 suppliers of our commitments and
expectations under the UN Global Compact.
4. Published a Pearson-wide Code of Business Conduct, and
set up a regular process to verify compliance.
5. Implemented a company-wide framework for career appraisals.
6. Launched a four-year diversity strategy, to ensure that
our company reflects the societies in which we operate.
7. Established a programme to support Pearson people who volunteer in their
communities including a company award scheme and payroll giving.
8. Set up a major partnership with US not-for-profit Jumpstart, to encourage talented
college students to become teachers and to support disadvantaged pre-schoolchildren.
9. Named the media sector leader in the Dow Jones World Index for
corporate sustainability.
Our plans for 2004
1. Maintain or improve our ratings in key indices of corporate sustainability.
2. Introduce business targets and milestones for our diversity strategy.
3. Work with UK book production companies to develop industry
guidelines on labour standards and human rights in the supply chain.
4. Assess key printers and paper suppliers against UN Global Compact standards.
5. Continue to invest in scientific research-based education products.
6. Extend the reach of our management development
programmes to more countries and parts of the business.
7. Reduce energy use in key buildings and review packaging and office waste.
8. Develop strategic community partnership for key markets outside the US.
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