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Standing up
Diversity and the future Last year we launched a four year diversity programme to make sure diversity is at the centre of everything we do. We are not in favour of setting specific targets for recruitment, retention or promotion. But our goal is clear: we want to be at least the best in our industry for diversity.
Our plan falls into three phases:

Phase 1 The first phase, now complete, involved a systematic analysis of our workforce by gender, age and ethnicity. The headline results of this are set out here and we have benchmarked our performance in the key areas of the US and the UK where we operate.

Phase 2 In the second phase we are concentrating on external recruitment and on removing any perceived obstacles to advancement. As a result:

> We have designed a pilot programme to focus in depth on 'hidden' issues which may be perceived to hinder promotion. The first focus groups under this programme will be held in spring 2004;

> We have made it a condition of being on our preferred supplier list that recruitment agencies send us diverse lists of candidates and we are monitoring the performance of each agency;

> We are tripling the size of our internship programmes and working hard to increase awareness of them in ethnic minority communities. Working with INROADS in the US, and setting up our own programmes in the UK, we plan to offer work experience to at least
60 people this year;

> The proportion of ethnic minority recruits onto our business graduate training programme in the UK has increased from 12% in 2002 to 50% in 2003;

> To increase diversity, we are holding special days in key cities in the UK and US to introduce Pearson and to encourage applicants.
Phase 3 The third phase of the plan, which we have already begun, is to focus on the pipeline of people already in the organisation and to make sure that they thrive within Pearson. To this end we:

> Have embarked on a programme of management training from the executive directors downwards;

> Have instituted training for new recruits and also for recruiters;

> Are building a mentoring programme;

> Have adjusted Pearson's Senior Leadership Profile to reflect this new emphasis;

>Plan to tie part of the bonus of each senior manager to diversity from 2005 onwards;

> Are monitoring the number of women and ethnic minorities who go through our development programmes, and it is our aim that the numbers remain constant or improve year-on-year;

> Will continue to work with our recruitment agencies to ensure that the proportion of our entry level recruits from diverse backgrounds remains constant or improves year-on-year;

> Will begin focusing on more senior levels and working with various organisations to encourage more diverse applicants.
This is how our company looks today:
Our employees by gender female=58% male=42% Our employees by age 30 or under = 26% 30 to 50 = 55% 50 plus = 19% Our employees by ethnicity* White = 85% Ethnic minority = 15% * UK and US only
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